How the World’s Most Prolific Innovators Come Up with Great Ideas that Deliver Extraordinary Outcomes.


How the World’s Most Prolific Innovators Come Up with Great Ideas that Deliver Extraordinary Outcomes.


A welcome message from Carla's Book Launch Director, Amber Vilhauer:

WELCOME FRIENDS! Carla and I are so excited to connect!

If you’re new to Carla, she is a highly-respected author in the business and marketing space. 

Below you will find options for how you can support Carla’s launch… and it’s MY job to make sure we come up with creative opportunities for YOU to get a lot more exposure for your business during her launch because my #1 priority as her Book Launch Director is to create powerful win-wins.

FIRST, I’d like you to really understand the concepts in the book, so please take a few minutes and watch this video to learn what Carla’s RE:Think Innovation book is all about:


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We know it’s YOU that business owners need most. If we arm you with the latest and most innovative information that creates business transformation then you can impact a greater amount of individuals.  If there’s one thing to know about Carla, she’s rooted in total goodness.

For now, we have one small ask: Bookmark this page (you’ll want to keep coming back to it!) and keep your eyes open for email communication from me.

I highly respect your time, so I won’t send you unnecessary updates, but you will want to be alert when I send you time-sensitive opportunities that allow you to WIN through our launch process. More to come!


Amber Vilhauer
Book Launch Director


We are working hard to systematize several options for your involvement including live streaming, podcasting, viral activities and more. Amber will notify you when all options are available for your review!

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#REThinkInnovation by Carla Johnson proves that consistently coming up with great ideas isn’t a talent you’re born with or something that requires skill. Her simple 5-step framework gives anyone the ability to connect the dots in their work.


Carla Johnson is an amazing innovator and in her new book #REThinkInnovation, her secret has been revealed! She shows you the only 5-steps that you’ll ever need to start creating great ideas in your business.


Today’s business world is so competitive and hectic that you’ll sink if you don’t innovate, and that’s a scary thought! Luckily, Carla Johnson’s new book #REThinkInnovation provides the perfect framework to consistently generate more ideas in your business.


What is it that makes the top businesses so nimble, innovative, and passionate? They can generate new ideas on demand. And thanks to #REThinkInnovation by Carla Johnson, you can have this superpower for yourself and join their ranks.


#REThinkInnovation by Carla Johnson should be on every entrepreneur’s bookshelf! It contains the best strategies I’ve ever seen for generating endless amounts of winning business ideas, every single time.

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I used to think that generating winning ideas was just about pure luck until I read #REThinkInnovation by @CarlaJohnson. Her 5-step framework has helped me to create consistent, high-quality ideas every time:


Amazing ideas are the fuel that propels a business to more and more success, but they can be hard to come by unless you have a good strategy. @CarlaJohnson gives you that strategy in her new book #REThinkInnovation. Check it out here ->


Some of us are born creative, others aren’t. That’s why I LOVE @CarlaJohnson’s new book #REThinkInnovation! It shows you exactly how to create new ideas for your business, consistently.

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Subject Line Ideas:

  • Become an innovator (new book)
  • How do you innovate in business?
  • Learn how to connect the dots…

Body Copy:


Innovation is vital for businesses nowadays to be successful.

We live in a hyper-competitive, customer-driven world where growth and advancement is the only thing people seem to talk about.

And if you don’t learn to come up with new ideas on the regular, you’ll be overtaken and crushed by other businesses that do.

But how do you innovate?

My friend Carla Johnson will show you a proven framework in her brand new book “RE:Think Innovation”.

==> Learn How To Connect The Dots For More Business Success (new book)

Carla Johnson is a world-renowned storyteller, speaker, and prolific author.

She’s also trained thousands of people worldwide to embrace change, create better ideas, and in turn, transform their businesses.

Now, she’s teaching the same skills to you in “RE:Think Innovation”.

Her 5-step framework takes the confusion and pure luck out of idea generation and turns it into something achievable every time.

==> Learn How To Connect The Dots For More Business Success (new book)

Whether you’re naturally creative or not, this book will help you produce better ideas, and lots of them.

The kind of ideas that will revolutionize your business and make a massive impact in the world.

Just click here to order your copy of “RE:Think Innovation” and start getting inventive in your company again.

I and Carla can’t wait to see what you think up with this framework.

Happy innovating!


Email #2 – Shorter Form

Subject Line Ideas:

  • 5 Steps To Winning Ideas
  • Generate winning ideas on-demand…
  • This framework generates winning ideas

Body Copy:


In our hyper-competitive, customer-driven world, innovation is everything.

And if you and your team aren’t innovating in your business, you’ll be left in the dust by other companies.

“I’m no inventor, I’m not creative!” you may think.

Well, when you read Carla Johnson’s new book “RE:Think Innovation”, you’ll have the exact 5-step framework you need to:

  • Bust the myths you believe about innovation
  • Create a unified, idea-driven employee base that delivers more ideas
  • Generate great ideas over and over again like the world’s most prolific inventors

The information in these pages is incredible, and it’s already helped thousands of people worldwide to unleash their inner innovator.

Now it’s your turn to unlock your creativity and start generating winning ideas for your business.

Just click the link below to order Carla’s brand new book “RE:Think Innovation” today.

==> [ORDER NOW] The 5 Step Framework That Generates Winning Ideas On-Demand

And if you want to help me and Carla spread the word about this book, head over to social media and use the hashtag #REThinkInnovation to get involved.

Enjoy your new book!